Wednesday, November 10, 2010

one last look at summer

From the beginning of October until the New Year, I am busy. It's the busiest time of year, and this year, it is even more so. No sooner have I swept the halloween costumes off my to-do list, that I turn my attention to the art of decorating for Thanksgiving, and the making of the Christmas presents. I can't go into details, since you who read are also you who will receive Christmas presents, but I will say that if I can pull it all off, these Christmas presents will break personal best records. So I'm pretty excited.
But, that's why the blog's been neglected these days. Always lots to be done. Busy, busy, busy, busy!
But in a good way that I love. In January, with the projects somewhat behind me, I may resolve to write more. But I'm not making promises yet. ( I have a novel that really itching my brain and wants out.) So I'll do my best, like I always do. And post when I can about the things I do.
And since it's the season for giving thanks, here's one last post on the bounties we've had this year from our garden. We are so blessed!

this is only about 10% of the peppers we got

some broccoli (sooooo good roasted!)

some seed from our sunflowers coming out of the dehydrator

By far, the most produce we got from any plant was our tomatoes. I'm still processing them. For awhile I would get a good two gallon bucket full every other day. So I washed them...
and stewed them and canned them

aren't they pretty?
and stored them for later use
(along with some yummy peach jam!)

Enjoy the season! We have so much to be grateful for!