Saturday, October 22, 2011

There, there, little blog, don't you cry...

you'll get back on my priority list, by and by!

each morning, as I watch myself in the mirror brushing my teeth, and think about what I need to do today, I always think, "today's the day. Today I'm going to blog." and at that time in the optimistic dawn light, it seems totally doable.
But then my day starts:
Feed Iggy, change his diaper, get him dressed, feed him again
have breakfast
oversee the clean up of the other kids' disastrous breakfast shenanigans
get the kids' going on the morning chores they missed
clean the kitchen
put Iggy down for a nap
have "together time" (prayers, chore chart, books, music, and alternating days of science, geology, history, and crafts)
do skill sets (more about that to come)
get Iggy up from his nap
feed Iggy, burp him, change him
get Bogey lunch
help Dev and Calvin make their lunch
put Bogey down for a nap
put Iggy down for a nap
have lunch
(go to the bathroom!!)
finish up skill sets with Dev and Calvin
clean up lunch
clean house
start a load of laundry
help Dev and Calvin do their chores
do projects (like canning, mostly, lately)
Get Bogey up from his nap
help Bogey with chores
start dinner
get Iggy up, feed him, burp him change him, bounce him while I try to
finish making dinner
Kiss the Hubby who's just walked in the door
help Dev and Calvin set the table
eat dinner
bounce Iggy (who's super grumpy this time of day)
Kiss Hubby goodbye (he's got homework to do)
help Dev and Calvin clear the table
send one to shower
clean the kitchen
Give Bogey a bath
help Bogey in jammies
Tell Dev and Calvin to get ready for bed
Help Bogey brush (all the while bouncing Iggy)
have scripture study
say prayers
read a few chapter from our chapter book (if we haven't done it already today)
say goodnight to the oldest three
take Iggy back to my desk
check facebook one handed
bathe Iggy
feed Iggy, burp him, change him into his jammies, and feed him again.
Lay Iggy down in his crib *sweet dreams little man*
get ready for bed
kiss Hubby goodnight if he's home yet
go to bed *phew!* hoping to clear some time to blog tomorrow.

The day's are getting away from me. Even now as I type, I am going back to Iggy's room every few minutes to re-bink him (aka-put his pacifier back into his mouth), and thinking that I shouldn't be blogging, I should be working on my lesson for Young Women's tomorrow. Or writing out my grocery list, since I get to hop over to the store when Hubby gets home tonight. Or planning our Halloween party that we're having on Tuesday. Or folding laundry. Or making dinner. But blogging I am, so all the other stuff can wait.
I have a ton of pictures and blog posts lined up in my mind, waiting to burst out, like a champagne bottle about to explode. I'll get it all out eventually, but right now, it's all building pressure in the bottleneck.