Friday, March 29, 2013

St Patrick's day

 I admit it.  I am not one of those mom's who goes nuts over holidays.  Sorry to disappoint.  It's exhausting to try to add a holiday on top of what we're already doing.  BUT deep inside (very, very, deep) I want to be one of those moms who is perfect and on top of things.  Maybe someday.  This year, as with every holiday that comes up, I had big ambitions to make this the biggest St. Patricks day ever! It wasn't.  And there were so many ideas that I couldn't get to most of them.  I did manage to tell them to throw on something green before we left for church, so. . .  success! 

But one thing that I did do, that I have been doing for many years is making a green dinner.  In the past, I just put food coloring in whatever was on the menu.  In recent years, though, I've tried to actually serve things that are green.  This year's menu:  zucchini quiche, broccoli, and green biscuits.  
 I realize it doesn't look super appetizing, but it's GREEN!  and that' what I was going for. 
 Sidenote:  I love Bogey's Bogey's shirt

Gasp! Iggy's not wearing green! I'll pinch those cheeks for us, shall I?

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

His birthday wish...

 Bogey had a birthday recently. 
He went through the usual excitement--
picking out his cake (Captain America)
deciding what he wanted to do most on his big day (play Mario) 
but he surprised us all when he announced what he wanted more than anything for his birthday was. . . .

His very own bag of chips! 

Ok, buddy.  I think we can handle that. 

He was thrilled to open his presents, and he had a good birthday.  


And he made very good use of that bag of chips.  
I love this kid.  He cracks me up!  Happy Birthday, big guy!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Goings on

Church was cancelled today because we had a huge storm.  It only dropped about 4 inches of snow, but I have snowed plastered to the inside wall of my patio, so the wind was blowing pretty hard.  I love going to Church, and I love taking care of the responsibilities I have there, but I cannot tell you well enough how nice it was to sleep in, cuddle with the Hubby, make a nice breakfast, change into my pajamas, and take a break!  I don't just mean from Church, I mean from life.  Thank you, storm, for clearing my schedule for me.  That hasn't happened for a long time. 
My biggest trial right now is that I am so busy.  With two callings, homeschooling, and a busy husband, I barely have time to think straight.  (I realize that those three things may not sound that busy, but trust me--my plate runneth o'er.  My cup is full.) But I realized recently that I am so busy being busy that I haven't taken time to enjoy my life.  I asked for all these things, right?  I enjoy all these things, right?  So, why am I  wallowing in how busy I am?  Why am I caught up in the thick of thin things? I don't know either.  I think I will stop.  I've tried this whole week to stop, in fact.  And I've done really well.  I've enjoyed my kids more.  I've caught more of how awesome they think, how they like to explore and see the world.  I've taken more time to see what they see and laugh at the funny, cute things they do.  It's been a good week.  
I've thought a lot about this blog, too, and I've decided something.  I have to blog for me, and no one else.  That's hard for me because I'm so aware that I'm putting words out there for just any Joe Schmo to read.  But I've spent a lot of time trying to make my blog what I think everyone else would want, and it doesn't work.  My blog has to be for me.  SO I decided that while I am trying to capture the simpler, happier things in life, my blog is a great place to record it.  I guarantee that I will have long gaps in between posts sometimes (I'm busy), and as long as I'm ok with it, that's all that matters. 

This is what happens in my house when I leave my camera out:

They take blurry pictures of themselves!