Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blessings that come from being pregnant in the dead heat of summer

I admit it. I'm pregnant. I don't like to admit it, but it's getting to the point that I can't hide it (actually, we passed that point of no return a long time ago.) I don't know why I seem to think that I can do everything. I've come to realize that when I say to myself, "Oh yeah, I can do that easily" or "That won't take long." It's a kiss of death on my sanity. Things are never done easily, and it always takes a long time.
I don't know why, for some unknown reason, I become so ambitious when I'm pregnant. My pregnancies are a "perfect graveyard of buried hopes" (ha ha! that's for all you Anne of Green Gables fans) I think it's because I am a pretty ambitious person normally. It's not that I am more ambitious when I'm pregnant, just that I am the same ambitious person, with a lot less up and at 'em in me. My goals recently have become 1) to allow myself to not be so ambitious for a little while, and 2) to stop feeling so guilty for not getting things done that I want to do. <---actually, it's not even that I feel guilty, it's that I feel frustrated, because I want to do things and I can't.
Yeah, so I guess goal number 3) would look something like: 3) breath, and allow that this season in your life is going to be slower. And it's ok. (really, it's ok. Really. I have to convince myself of this, you see.) I also have to remind myself that it's only a few more months (in the dead heat of summer, but hey.....), and, most importantly, I wanted this. And I am thrilled to be almost within reach of another baby in my arms. Seriously, we tried for, and cried over, and prayed for this little one more than the others combined. So...I can do this, right? It'll be worth it, right?

I have to convince myself everyday. SO for today, here's my list of BLESSINGS that have come to me from being pregnant, and hot and uncomfortable in the dead heat of summer:

1) I get to take a nap everyday.

2) thank goodness Dev and Calvin seem to grasp that mommy is worn out in the afternoon and have contented themselves with a movie or a wii game every afternoon while I snooze on the couch (as a disclaimer: let me assure you perfect parents that they are NOT usually allowed this privilege everyday, but I figure with this season of life, it'll be ok for a few months, plus we do lots of fun stuff in the morning. Does that make you feel better? me too.)

3) our city has started having free lunch in the park for kids, and the kind lunch ladies there have taken pity on the very hot and pregnant woman who shows up with her kids everyday, and they give me a free lunch, too. So I don't have to get up and do it!

4)Dev and Calvin take turns getting Bogey his cereal in the morning too, so that's two meals I don't have to prepare for the kids (man, I have awesome kids)

5) I've read six novels in the past month--needing to lay down a lot has its advantages.

6) that doesn't include the 4 novels that I've read aloud to the kids this month

7) our kiddie pool survived the winter without any leaks! (it's inflatable) it's up and the slide from the swing set is in there, and the kids are loving it (and so am I).

8) our garden is on a drip system, so I don't have to water it manually everyday, except the peach tree and the raspberries, which,

9) Dev and Calvin take turns watering everyday.

and number 10) I cut some of my maternity pants into shorts today! So I feel cooler already!

Monday, June 6, 2011

wall goo

I've had a request. And it's not often I get requests. It's so infrequent, in fact, that when someone does ask me to post something, I get all flattered and warm inside. How can I turn down a request from my adoring fans (or, the small group of loyal friends who read my blog...whatever).
A few years ago, on another blog long lost in time and cyberspace, I created a post about decorating walls with fabric and a cornstarch/water solution I like to call "wall goo." I got the recipe at this blog, but I'm not sure you'll find it there now, as it is probably buried in the several posts that have been created there since then. Nevertheless, I would encourage you to peruse this blog, as I have done from time to time. There's a lot of great stuff in there.

BUT, on to Wall Goo. See, we don't own our home. We rent. (take that thought and set it aside while I give you another to chew on.) I don't like to waste things. I like to repurpose, find new uses for the things that I have before I throw them away. I'm not big on spending gobs of money for home decor that just sits there. I'm all for functionality of the things I choose to beautify my home. So, when I found this recipe for wall goo, it was a perfect fit for me. Basically, you take a fabric that you like (cut it into a design that you want if you like), and apply it to the wall (or any surface) with the wall goo, to get an aesthetically pleasing look that doesn't damage the surface that it's on and washes off without a trace when you're done. I have loved the projects that I've done with it, and I'm even more tickled that for the fabric I've used mostly old clothes and/or bargain fabric so it has cost next to nothing to do this (bonus!)

Here's the recipe:

stir 1/4 cup cornstarch
into 1/2 cup COLD water
mix well.

Then pour in 4 cups boiling water. stir well again.

Word to the wise: this will give you A LOT of wall goo. if your project is fairly small, I would recommend halving this recipe. I've always had tons left over.

dip the fabric into the wall goo (once it's cooled a little) and use a paintbrush to smooth it onto your wall (removing any airbubbles). I usually add an extra layer or two of wall goo over the top just to make sure it's secure. Blot the extra drips with a cloth and let it dry. you're done!

When you're ready to remove your darling projects, wet the fabric until it peels easily off the wall, and wash the wall with warm water and soap. (Don't try to peel it off without getting it wet! I did that and now there is no paint on that part of the wall!)

*wash your fabric in warm water if you think the color might leak. Otherwise, when you take it off, you'll find that you're stained your walls. THAT wouldn't be good.

Here's an example of some of the things you can do with this: (or at least, some of the things I've done with this)This is in my front room, and I love it! Those curvy letters took a long time to cut out though.

this is on the wall over my pantry. It matches the colors of the Mary Englebreight pictures next to the pantry door.

I was most excited about this project. I found these little cars on a bumper pad at goodwill and paid about $4.00 for it. I cut them out and stuck them to the wall with the wall goo. It worked really well! And it looks awesome! There was enough of them to use as a border all along the top of my boys' room. Then, I used the other, blank side, of the bumper pad, to cut out their names and tack those on the walls, too. It really taught me that the sky is the limit. The cars are pretty heavy (embroidered) fabric, and they still stuck to the wall really well. It's fun!
use your imagination to create the look you want!
If you decide to try it, let me know how it goes!