Friday, October 29, 2010

3 random and totally unrelated Bogey stories

Story #1-- A few weeks ago, someone knocked the porcelain hand soap dispenser off the sink and broke it. (I'm not naming names, but I think it was Bogey). Why do they make things that are meant to be put up high on a counter breakable?! Did the porcelain hand soap dispenser factory workers never have children? Do they not comprehend that that is a disaster waiting to happen? Obviously not...crazy kooks.
so the dispenser was broken...and it was full of soap when it broke. Dev arrived on the scene who knows how many hours later, slipped in a foot wide puddle of soap, ran and changed her pants and then ran and told me. I was busy doing mommy things and told her I would get to it later.
Now let's fast forward past the boring and crazy busy week I had to today. Finally past the many events I was in charge of, I turned my attention to the housework. it was only then that I remembered the foot wide spill of handsoap, which by now had become evaporated and concentrated (read: stuck real good) onto the bathroom floor. *sigh* (and I was hoping to be done cleaning the bathrooms before lunch.)
SO I grabbed the mop, I started to scrub. In a few minutes, this is what the inside of my shower looked like (I was using the shower to rinse out the mop.)

Yes, friends, as a matter of fact, that is a 6 inch layer of soap in the shower stall. Bogey came in to "help" and wiped the walls and toilet with soap (it was his "rag"). After shooing him out, mopping for all I was worth (I was on my hands and knees mopping Cinderella-style, people!) I finally got all the soap off the floor. Then off the toilet and the walls and the shower. And while I was occupied, Bogey "watered" my plants for me with the spray bottle, and "washed" the windows, he "made" his brother's bed, and "organized" the books. What a productive day he's had.
Story #2--While I was cleaning the bathroom today (see above), Dev yelled from the living room, "Moooom! Bogey's playing in the blinds!!!" (this is a no-no. She was tattling, you see.) Immediately, Bogey yelled out, "Oh mooooom! I'm playing in the blinds!" (I think it's funny, even if you don't).

This morning while I was eating breakfast, Bogey came up to me while pushing buttons on a slender, black remote control we don't use anymore. He held it up to his ear and listened for a second, then he said, "Hey mom, I think your phone's ringing."
So I took my cell phone out of my pocket and put it to my ear. "Hello?"
"Hello, mom. Is that you?" Bogey said into the remote.
"Yes, it's me," I said. "is this Bogey?"
"Yeah. Oh hi! How're you doing?"
"I'm fine, thanks. How're you, Bogey?"
"good...[pause] so mom, can I have a bite of your toast?"
"Ok. I'll be right over. Bye!"

What more can I say? I love the boy.


Jeigh said...

Bahaha! Bite of your toast? I love how little Bogey minds work! Love that boy!

Sarahie said...

hahahahaha! I love that he had to tell you your phone was ringing. I love that you answered it! I love the stories (and at least your bathroom was covered in soap, right? It could have been something dirtier)! I love his helpfulness. I love the picture! Love you all!