Monday, February 14, 2011

I lost my camera.

If I but knew where it was you would have splendid pictures of the goings-on of my life.

Like that Dev got baptized, and looked incredibly sweet in her floor-length, all white dress.

Like that Calvin may have a loose tooth and likes to show me.

Like that Bogey bonked his head on the piano and got a goose egg the size of Rhode Island.

Like that I had a birthday, and I don't think I've ever felt so old and so far removed from my youth as I suddenly do now.

But that may be because I got called to serve in Young Women. The first night I was there, and I realized I had no idea who the actors, or singers they were talking about even were, then I felt old. It may have nothing to do with now being 32. (I mean, 27)

Like that we're way into studying the solar system right now and are embarking on the adventure of making our own solar system model.

Like that Dev caught the cutest baby lizard I have ever seen in my life. Seriously, about the size of my thumb. awwww!

Like that I got a new sewing machine for my birthday and I have a brain full of tutorials to post now.

Like that we made our valentine's mailboxes out of recycled materials. Like that we made all our valentines ourselves.

Like that I made a rockin' valentine's dinner tonight--pork tenderloin (in my mind, I call it an elevenderloin every time!), roasted red potatoes that I cut into heart shapes, vegetable salad with the vegetables cut into hearts, and pears (cut in a heart shape) with an awesome raspberry sauce over it. Seriously, my kids were licking their plates. SO was the hubby. (I may have licked a little plate as well)

Like that I got an ultrasound done, and low and behold! there is a little peanut in there, wiggling and growing. (due: September 4) yes, this is an announcement.

I would be able to show you if I knew where my camera was. Have you seen it? I thought I put it right here. . . . .

(pictures to come soon. . . .I hope)

(p.s. I'm taking a poll. My playlist: annoying? enjoying it? get rid of it? what do you think?)


The Hatch Family said...

You have such wonderful things going on in your home:) I can't wait to find out my due date soon. I love your music on the playlist, but I do pause it so I can focus on reading your posts. Love you!

Luanne Hardy said...

Way to do awesome stuff with Valentine's Day. I did nothing. We are really "cool" like that I guess.
As far as the playlist goes, I listen to it while I write my comment but while I'm reading your post I hit pause.

Sarahie said...

Geesh! I'm so behind on my blog hopping, I totally missed this post! Find your camera, please! I want to see those pictures. Cause I miss you and your young'uns.

Elevenderloin made me laugh.

I believe there is an option on the playlist that makes it so it doesn't start automatically and the reader can choose whether or not they would like to listen. Maybe that is your best option?

Stephanie said...

Where's the option for making the playlist not start automatically? I'd LOVE that. I don't mind playlists most of the time, but I usually do pause them pretty quickly. I like yours, but still pause it often. But I like the music on it. Make sense? okay, enough for now. I had a really good comment all written, but was logged in on my craigslist account and went to change it and lost the whole thing, so now you don't get my good comment!