Thursday, July 7, 2011

Three for Thursday

My Friend Evelyn over at Hanging by a Silver Lining
does a Three for Thursday Meme (I had to look that word up, by the way. It means
an idea or element of social behavior passed on through generations in a culture, esp by imitation. so there you go) and I have always read and enjoyed reading hers and all the others who have linked up. I tell myself that I'm going to participate, but I usually don't feel like blogging anymore at the end of a long Thursday. Since I've been on such a bloggy kick lately, I actually looked forward to doing it tonight. I couldn't let myself down! Also, it doesn't hurt that if you link up, you might get a prize! (i'm a sucker for prizes, even if it's something small like a corn flake) ALSO, my sister, Sarah, over at Creating-Sarah has agreed to become a co-hostess to the game. I have to show my support! If you want to get in on the fun this week, head over to Evelyn's blog to link. Next week, head over to Sarah's.

SO....(drum roll) Here's my three for Thursday.

Three confessions:
1. ice cream is my drug of choice. There's a line in the movie Hitch where he says, "You've got a martini. That means it's been a heck of a week, and a beer just wouldn't do it tonight." Whenever the Hubby sees me getting the ice cream out once the kids are in bed, he says, "So you've had a heck of a day, and a single piece of chocolate just won't do it tonight." Yup.

2. I Waaaay over analyze every single thing that I write on my blog. Don't want anything to be taken the wrong way, or misconstrued to turn against me. I'm working on just being myself with my writing though, and I think I'm getting better.

3. I really, really, REALLY want my own pet dragon.

Three things I do to beat the heat:
1. We have a spray bottle that sprays in a really fine mist. I spray that all over myself and sit in front of the fan.

2. Last week, I get so fed up with the heat (it gets really stinkin' hot here in my town, we don't have air conditioning, and also I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant) that I went into the bathroom and soaked my shirt in the sink, wrung it out, and then put it back on. Seriously, BEST. idea. ever!

3. Drive around (anywhere) with the air conditioning on full blast.

Three lessons, skills, or new tricks I have learned this past month:
1. I can't do everything, and it's really ok. I've really been at peace with all the undone chores at the end of the day. At least for now, I'm ok with it.

2. I've learned to set and trap gophers out of my garden with our new gopher trap. I'm a little worried about how much joy I get out of seeing a dead gopher.

3. I made my first belly band. It was surprisingly easy.

Three things that motivate me to be a better person:
1. stories of great courage. When I hear of someone who went through something really hard and handled it with grace and patience, I feel completely inspired to be a better person.

2. talking to someone about something they are passionate about. It doesn't matter what it is. If they can show me a passion that makes them human, it makes me think of all the things I am passionate about and work harder on them.

3. Compliments. When someone expresses a sincere, heartfelt compliment to me, it makes me want to live up to what they see in me.

Three things I would do if I wasn’t “Mommy”, married, and burdened with cares:
1. travel. All over. all the time. as often as possible.

2. be completely organized all the time: keep up with the laundry, no dirty dishes in the sink, everything in its place all the time. aaaaah

3. I would probably have a career as a private tutor, since that's what I did before I had kids, and I LOVED it! Either that, or maybe be a college professor, and maybe even have a few books published. Someday!

Three people I call first:
1. The Hubby
2. My mom
3. My sisters
4. My friend Mekell (sorry, that's four, but at least it's the raw truth.)

Three things I changed about my parenting after testing them out on my guinea pig child (first child):
1. text book potty training was two thumbs waaaay down for me and Dev

2. I worry less about their mental well being. With Dev I was a nut case, now I'm manageable.

3. how I educate them. I never thought twice about the education they were getting under the "normal" way (ie. public school, preschool, etc) Now I homeschool.

Three things that make me cry:
1. Stories of great courage (see above)
2. when good friends cry in front of me.
3. it's a knee -jerk reaction when I'm frustrated, which doesn't bode well in a professional setting

Three things I’m going to accomplish before the summer is over:
1. Have a baby!
2. endure contractions, labor, and delivery
3. bring another human being into the world.

Three pictures:

this is what we get when Bogey takes the family picture

I just wanted a nice father/son picture. I just said, "smile!" Like father like son, eh?

our good friends, The Burch's came to visit for July 4th weekend. Their charming and ultra ladylike daughter Avery did this when Hubby asked her to smile. Oh, and notice my cameo prego belly in the background on the left. (p.s. I have no idea why the computer is making these words a link. Do not click on them! They will lead you to no where!! dun dun DUN!)

So, same time next week?


Creating Sarah said...

Yay! I'm glad you're playing along! Thanks for the support. I love your prego belly. The words didn't look like a link to me. I love, love, love your pictures! I love you. I want some ice cream now. :). See you next week.

Luanne Hardy said...

I love that picture of Calvin and the hubby. Also I love that your drug of choice is chocolate ice cream.

The Hatch Family said...

Love you, Erin:)

Murray Clan said...

HAHAHA, you made my day. I love how you express yourself, and how I sooo relate to you! Thanks for the laugh, but I personally want a pegasus!