Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I wish that I could somehow write the 5 minute silence that preceded these words while I sat here thinking of a way to start. I got nothin'.
All I can say is that I had my baby. That's such a short sentence for such a humongous, life changing thing. He's here, and he's beautiful, and we love him dearly, but heaven help me, I am reeling from the change.
My days are filled to the brim with homeschooling, diaper changes, nap times, feedings (my nights are full of feedings, too.), spit up, etc, etc, etc.
Even worse is the prospect that The Hubby is in no position to help. At all.
Two words: Senior Year. While I am happy we're almost done with school, part of me is really wondering what God was thinking by having ALL THIS come all at the same time. I'm being magnified. And it kind of hurts.
But I didn't come here tonight to complain. I hope it doesn't sound like I am complaining. We prayed and cried over and wanted and tried for this little baby longer and harder than the other three combined. We were thrilled when we found out he was on the way. I am very blessed to finally have him here, to have him healthy, to have him in my arms. So forget the far reaching task of adjusting to another family member. I'm just going to rejoice that he is here!

I'm also happy that I am now on the downhill side of recovery. Things may be crazy here, but at least I can say that I know they will level out and get better soon. I am excited, and already have some posts lined up, to just concentrate on homeschooling, and homesteading, and homemaking--the passions in my life.

So, allow me to introduce to you my new baby son, who, for all intents and purposes shall henceforth and forever more be known on this blog as Iggy (the fourth great and wondrous messmaker.) Welcome to the world, Iggy!

(P.S. please excuse me for getting cross with the overly excited brother in this video who wanted his share of screen time.)


Lori said...

Congratulations! What a cutie!

Jeigh said...

Aw, baby sneezes! I know things are crazy for you now (and your house is way louder, right? Am I right?) but hang on and push through and you'll make it! YOU CAN DO IT!!

I love you and I've been thinking of you!

Sarahie said...

oh, I'm all teary eyed. I want to be there with you to help you and cuddle all of your kids. I want it so bad that my eyes are overflowing. =)

You will be fine. You have a great talent for not only surviving but thriving and succeeding in your passions. You honestly are one of the greatest mothers and homemakers I know. I want to be like you and when I have a tough day I always think, "Erin can do it. So can I."

I love you, I love you! Three more months and you'll be at another stage of life and you'll do great then too! Just keep swimming, Frog of My Heart!

Luanne Hardy said...

He is so cute! I wish I could hold him and hug him and kiss him..and suck on those cheeks.

Listen...if anyone can do this it's you, super mom. I don't know anything about anything when it comes to parenthood but I know that you do it well.

I hope you know I've been thinking of you lots and lots. I hope the sleepless nights don't make you too crazy. Also, it was nice to hear your voice.

The Hatch Family said...

You are so great, and thank you for helping me be constantly inspired to do better, enjoy mothering more each day, and keep things in perspective. I'm glad he's here and healthy! Love you:)