Friday, July 26, 2013

I will not apologize!

Well, I think I have effectively eliminated all but the loyal followers.  It was my plan all along.  I just wanted you to show me how badly you wanted to read my blog.  If you're still here and reading, congrats!  You're one of, like, five. maybe.  In the whole world!  (pretty sure my mom doesn't even check my blog anymore.  Sad.  Her loyalties lie with my siblings.  So weak.)
I'm tired of posting these, "Boy, I haven't blogged for a long time.  I'll be better at that"  posts.  So I'm not going to. No apologies. But here's the thing:  (I'm just having this revelation)  I have very low sense of discipline.  (Glad I got that off my chest.)  I have very lofty goals...and very low time management skills....
And also, facebook is distracting.  And I love Survivor.  And the Amazing Race.  And The Biggest Loser.  And the couch and a bowl of popcorn beckons me at the end of the day in a way blogging does not.  However, as I read back on my posts, I am proud of my writing--the way I say things, and the great, funny, happy things my kids do everyday that make me happy.  I don't get that from reality TV. 
*labored sigh* so, again.  Gonna make yet another attempt at being a regular blogger and offering something worthwhile to my loyal half-dozen.
I'm pretty sure that no one in my ward reads this, so I feel fairly safe leaking the news that I am about to be released from my callings and put in a new one.  I have mixed feelings.  I have felt so chicken-with-my-head-cut-off busy for so long that this change feels welcome and refreshing.  On Sunday though as I looked into the eyes of my adorable 7 year old kids in my class, a part of my heart broke.  I had this overwhelming desire to shrink them all down to a quarter-inch (and also give them anti aging potion) and slip them into my pocket and hold onto them forever.  I love those kids.  I was their teacher, but they taught me so much about love and acceptance and zest for life EVERY WEEK!  I was changed and amazed at their examples.  There is a very real part of me that will miss them terribly.  But I am looking forward to the next adventure, too.  My Saturday evenings will hopefully be a little more relaxed and a little less studious.
I didn't get my garden in until the end of June.  The end of June! That's so late!  But this crazy state wouldn't stop frosting and hailing and dumping freezing rain until mid-June.  So things are just now maturing.  I'm hoping I still get something out of it, but I'm not holding my breath on the tomatoes (don't tell them I said that, they'll get discouraged.)
And after a good 6 week break, I am itching to jump back into homeschooling.  The homeschooling schedule is crazy and busy, but I have to admit that I like the structure it gives our days.  When we're on break, the house falls apart--chores aren't done on time or not at all.  With all the free time, the kids tend to fight more. I am more lax with the discipline, too.  Bleh.  I need a vacation from our vacation.  I'm spending some hours this weekend setting up shop.  Yeah!  (anyone else totally LOVE back to school sales?!  ooh, that new pencil smell!  Crisp clean white pages in spiral notebooks!  Gluestick 2 pack are only 20 cents! heaven!!)
I'm afraid to admit, but I must....I've delved back into the world of writing.  I've been batting a story idea around in my head for a long time and I feel driven to write it.  It's exciting and fun!  I love to escape into that world.  I get lost in there sometimes.  Once I was driving and daydreaming, and I turned down the wrong street and I didn't realize it until a tiny voice in the back seat said, "mommy, where are we going?" ha ha ha-- "home, darlin', we're just going the looooong way."
Also, announcement** my sister, creating-sarah , and I are in cahoots to have a joint blog, and am so excited about it!  it's going to pretty much rock.  So if you're interested, stay tuned, and check out her blog, because it's better than mine.  (not hard to do--but I mean that sincerely).
That's my update and I'm sticking with it

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