Friday, April 8, 2016

kids swords

If you have boys, you're going to love this project.  Actually, let me rephrase that.  If you have KIDS, they are going to love this project. 

I really can't take credit for this idea.  This is one of those projects that just kind of happened.  Dev is involved in a Medieval Fair for our homeschool group.  She was assigned to pick an historical character from that time period.  She really didn't want to wear a dress, so she chose Joan of Arc.  (I would like to say that her reasons for choosing Joan of Arc were more valid, but that would be lying.) 

For her costume, Dev wanted to make a sword.  I gave her free reign of the craft room, and she found a stash of old paint stirring sticks. 

She broke one in half, and taped it with painters tape to the bottom of the other one for the handle.  Then she used dad's pocket knife to whittle the end into a point.  Then she painted it.  She also made a sheath out of an old paper towel tube, although I don't have a picture of that.

Once my boys saw what their sister was doing, they all wanted a sword, too.  Luckily, Dad was home to give advice and help.

 This is a great project to work on while listening to an audio book or to keep little hands busy while you work. 

Homemade swords:
1.  Get two paint sticks
2. Cut one in half
3.  tape the broken pieces together with the whole paint stick between them.  (tape them towards the end of the whole paint stick to form the swords handle.) 
4.  Use a pocket knife to whittle a tip on the other end of the whole paint stick. (this step can be omitted for really little ones.  Jelly Bean didn't whittle his, and we was still really happy with it.) 
5.  Let your little one pick the color they want and paint it.  (I didn't offer any direction on how to paint it.  Just let them be creative!) 
6.  If you want, make a sheath by squashing a paper towel tube and cutting (rounded) and taping one end. 

Have fun!  If you try this project, leave me a comment and let me know how it worked! 

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