Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ode to family vacation

We went out of town.
to Sea World.
and just got back in last night.
My house is an utter disaster.
There is no food in the fridge.
But bags and crumbs all over the counter.
and ants.
The living room is full of bags,
and the clothes that exploded out of them.
I have no clean socks.
and it's been raining all week.
the garden doubled in size
peas are coming
and beans
and corn
and zucchini
cabbage is ripe for the picking.
Calvin had leg cramps last night.
Which he gets when he runs around too much
like he did at Sea World.
I got up with him
and warmed up the rice pack
it helped
the sun was rising as soon as I laid down again
and I had to teach Gospel Doctrine this morning.
The chairs weren't set up.
So I spent most of sacrament meeting taking care of it.
Bogey helped.
Now my brain is mush
and my muscles are tense
and my eyes keep shutting.
Tonight's my night for some good sleep.
I'm going there now.
But it was fun
and I'll post pictures tomorrow.

1 comment:

Sarahie said...

Yay! I plan on wearing you out just as much in a week! =) I'm glad you had fun. I love Sea World and I can't wait to see your pictures!