Saturday, July 24, 2010

make a splash

Our library had a party for the end of the summer reading program. The theme for the program was "Make a Splash" and all weekly prizes had something to do with water. But this last party--the closing party for the reading program, was the one that my kids looked forward to the most....for the sole reason that if enough people signed up for the reading program (1000 to be exact) then the librarians promised a water party out on the library lawn. AND to further sweeten the deal, the librarians told the kids that they would have the opportunity then to soak a librarian. Does it get better than that? My kids don't think so. Today was the party. Out on the lawn was a water balloon popping machine. It was like a dunking booth, except instead of a pool for the librarian to sit above, there was a water balloon basket next to a pin. Underneath the water balloon was a chair upon which the librarian sat. When the button was hit, the water balloon popped and soaked the librarian. The line to try it out was about a mile long. (And I'm kicking myself that I didn't bring my camera--go ahead, you can kick me too, I'll bend over.) Thankfully, the line moved fast, and the other librarians occupied us with free popsicles. Many a kid hurled a ball and hit nothing. Many a kid hurled a ball and hit the wall. one in 15 would hit the ball on the mark and soak the librarian. Both Dev and Calvin decided to give it a try, but missed. Calvin shrugged and decided to climb a tree instead. Dev, undaunted, ran back to the back of the line for another try. Sadly, Bogey huddled in my arms and begged me to take him back to the car (something about watching grown ups get hit with water balloons scared him apparently.) When Dev's turn came up again, she threw one ball and missed, then threw a second ball and missed again. On her third and last turn, Dev pitched a perfect curve ball that sunk right into the center of the button and sent a cascade of water down on our librarian. The crowd cheered and clapped and Dev was triumphant.
It was beautiful.

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Murray Clan said...

ERIN!!!! I'm so glad you found me!
I thought I went through everyone on Sarah's list trying to find you, but I must have missed it. What a cute family you have! So good to catch up.