Wednesday, September 15, 2010

lunch woes

It's 2:00, and I still haven't had lunch. Of all the meals in the day, I think Lunch is my least favorite. Breakfast isn't that great either. But by the time lunch comes around, I'm starving, and all I can think to make is a sandwich. I'm sick of sandwiches. I want something good, something delicious. And I don't want to have to make it. I want it to appear on my counter top the second I am ready to eat. That never happens to me.
Lunch is that meal that needs to be prepared quickly (so you can get to other things), but needs to be good (so you want to eat it.)

What do you make for lunch? because I'm fresh out of ideas.
I'm gonna go attack the chips now.


The Hatch Family said...
What I'm making today. Its quite good. You can make it without chicken, add more dill and other seasonings. Love this soup.

Murray Clan said...

Well hate to admit it but sandwiches are also my quick food, but now I'm zapping corn dogs in the microwave. When I get tired of those I'll have to find something

Jeigh said...

I hate lunch, too. We usually scrounge. My kids like hot dogs, pb&j, corn dogs. Most of the time I skip, and then end up eating lots of candy right before dinner. Yeah, I should probably work on that.