Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I am spring cleaning this week. It feels good to take all the extra junk that's been accumulating and get rid of it. It feels good to open the windows and let the finally warm breeze come in. I feels good to dust and sweep knowing that Spring is finally here. My thoughts are turning to my garden and being outside. I am so excited to plant my garden this year! Last year was our first year using the garden spot we did. We've been composting and conditioning the soil all winter. I can't wait to till up that ground and see how it looks! I went outside yesterday and discovered that my raspberries have spread from two plants to fifteen! Wahoo! Last year, we each had maybe a handful of raspberries apiece for the whole season. This year, we may be able to make some jam--or SMOOTHIES!
Once upon a time, I lay awake at night dreaming of the man I would someday marry or the home I would have. Now that those mysteries are solved, I lay awake at night and dream about what and how much to plant in my garden this year. Haven't slept for days, I'm so excited.

But anyway, I was thinking while I was going through all the kids' clothes yesterday how renewing and refreshing spring cleaning is--like a cleansing breath for your whole house. It occurred to me that I ought to do some soul-spring cleaning as well.
I think my soul is already in pretty good shape. I try to keep it healthy through journal writing, scripture study and prayer, but I feel a need in me to sweep back in the back corners, let more light in and take a look at my perspectives anew--A breath of fresh air for my soul.

My sisters, Creating Sarah and WriterBrained (Jeigh), are quickly making their mark on the world and becoming well known for their myriad talents. I've got to say that their success so far doesn't surprise me at all. They are both amazing people (so go check out their blogs!). But I bring them up because of something Sarah said to me (that Jeigh said to her) at the beginning of the year. Sarah said Jeigh wanted to do something that scared her, because in so doing, she learned more about herself and became a better person. Sarah confided in me that she also felt a need to try something that was on the edge of her comfort level, and thus created her blog. I have not been able to shake their words for months. I think as I have been cleaning out my house this month, I realized that maybe what I need is also something on the edge of my comfort level that will push me to excel at something and learn better who I am.
I've decided to blog. I have some good ideas to share. I want to do it more regularly. But, I have to admit that (here goes *deep breath*) I'm really busy. (Whew! Glad I got that out!) And there are some days when I can't write, or don't have time to take pictures. But I'll do better. And if I don't, that will be our little secret.


Luanne Hardy said...

I love you! You make me giggle.

The Hatch Family said...

I did the same thing, laying awake at night garden planning:) You rock! I want to blog more too, about more good stuff. You and me both, cutie:)

Jeigh said...

I would love it if you blogged more! And winked at me more! Go for it!