Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nothing to say

I've been trying to post pictures of my raspberries and peach tree for the past two days, but for some reason, the pictures won't download.
so now I have nothing to say.
Except that my peach tree is blooming
and my raspberries are coming back in a big way,
but you can't see them.

Oh, and I cleaned the house today.
and then took a nap.
Both felt good.
and were much needed and well deserved.

For dinner tonight we got tv dinners and watched Spiderman 2.
Calvin and Dev (but mostly Calvin) have decided that Spiderman is the coolest guy on the planet.
That is, if he actually existed.
Turns out these movies aren't too scary for them to handle (minus a few parts)
and also adds fuel to the fire of their imaginations.
Calvin was jumping around pretending to shoot webs out his wrists while we were trying to get them settled down for prayers.
Bogey's new nickname is The Green Goblin.
And Dev said she's Doc Oct now.

But I'm still glad it's spring.


Jeigh said...

Ooh, Cal and Dev will have to play with Jenna, then. She is all about Spidey these days.

I'm dupa dupa jealous that I can't come and steal your raspberries by the handful :)

The Hatch Family said...

Fun movie night. Love that movie, except for the freaky hospital part. I'm a wuss. That's so cool about your berries. My strawberries are exploding. Gotta get bird netting soon.