Monday, April 23, 2012

Spoke too soon

So, my last post may have been a tad braggy about living in tornado alley and still not experiencing any tornadoes.  Consider this a printed retraction.  We experienced our first major tornado not even a week after my last post, and, while I know dear friends and family are anxiously awaiting family and new house pictures, I had to post this video first. 

The tornado missed us by ten miles.  (to the east), but that didn't stop us from all sleeping in the basement with tennis shoes, flashlights, food, water, and a hatchet next to us.  We reassured the kids that we were going to be fine, said prayers, and laid them down to sleep on their cushions in the basement.  Then the Hubby and I went out to the porch to watch.  The lightening was crazy!  I've never seen anything like it! And then there was this low rumbling sound--like a train off in the distance--almost.  I could feel the pavement under my feet vibrating.  I realized about the same time the tornado siren went off that that rumble was the tornado--I could hear it ten miles away.  The realization was awesome, and I don't mean that in a teenager, sweet valley sort of way...I mean, I was awestruck, that something so powerful and amazing could be produced in nature.  I was suddenly aware of my own fragility.  That's when I decided that it was time to go downstairs.  Enough awesomeness for one night.

And although I knew we were going to be ok, it was a long night.  The storm raged most of the night; I could feel our house rocking in the strong winds several times.  I was glad when I opened my eyes and finally saw that the blackness outside the window was starting to lighten.

Everyone should experience something that much bigger than them, it's pretty humbling.  And strengthening...because now I know I am prepared and can live through it!  (*knock on wood!*)  This video doesn't show the tornado--I don't want to disappoint you(it was ten miles away, remember?)--but it is pretty wicked cool lightening.  This is right before we decided to take cover. (Don't worry, mom, I was NOT in any danger!)



The Hatch Family said...

I think I'm probably just as worried as your mom:) When are you moving back to the west? Don't want to lose you, ha ha! Tornadoes are just so dang unpredictable. I bet it was cool to witness, though.

Luanne Hardy said...

AHHHH! Don't die! Ok, I know you won't. I can't believe how non stop that lightening is. I would be scared to death. I'm so glad you are all ok and that you got to enjoy some awesome lightening.

Sarahie said...

I would be terrified. I don't like regular thunderstorms. I wouldn't have slept a wink that night. I'm glad you are ok. Come stay with me and get away from tornadoes, ok? =)

Suzi Hardy said...

Nothing like the power of nature to give you perspective on life.
I was worried! It's a mom thing...I know you understand what I mean. Awesome magificent.