Friday, June 18, 2010

because it's summer...

and now is the time to do summer-y things.

We bought a large wading pool today...and we like it. I have to toot my own horn and say that I am a genius. I put the slide from our swing set into the pool and then draped the hose on the slide. How fun is that? My kids were delighted. I am also a brilliant genius because I put
a tub of water at the bottom of the steps up to the slide, so when the kids get out to run around, they wash the mud off their feet before they slide back down into the water! (someone pinch me, my creative juices are flowing so freely today.)

Dev and Calvin were in summer lovin' heaven aaaaalll day. And while they played, Bogey slept, and I crafted outside in a camp chair, I was in a little heaven of my own. I started work on another rug, a "junk" rug, just to get rid of extra scraps (you know, because just throwing them away would be so wrong!), and I have decided to share the process with you, dear blog readers. So stay tuned...I will take pictures and post them so you can see the awesomeness that is me.


speaking of summer, here's a shot of my gargantuan garden that I am oh-so-very-proud of.

Isn't it pretty? Please note the non-trench, fence-filled, gopher-warding space. That there represents many, many hours of hard work (and for some reason, whenever I was out digging the trench, I had that song from the movie "Holes" stuck in my head. You know the one: "You've got to gooooo and dig those holes!" (If you don't know what I'm talking about, please remember that this in no way detracts from my coolness.) Also, please note, all the leetle veggie seedling heads that are poking up. (that means I'm doing something right!) Husband went out and bought sufficient drip system equipment today, so tomorrow's project is installing it. Should we succeed in this mission, our job will become significantly easier (because right now, it takes a good 30 + minutes to water this bad boy.) Next, we'll be in search of mulch and all it's good benefits.

And, hey, lest you fear I was exaggerating, here's one of the deepest gopher holes I've found.

(I photographed my foot on purpose so you could get the proper perspective. See, there is a method to my madness.) I dream of the day I can stick a trap down in that hole and watch the little flag go up (indicating a catch). It's become the vision that spurs me forward.

Sunday is Father's day--that means I gotta run to the store tomorrow and find something great for the Husband.

AND MONDAY is the first day of summer!

Happy summer everyone!

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