Thursday, June 10, 2010

I am at war. Many of you are not aware of this fact, but it's true. The war of which I speak plays out tirelessly from day to day in my backyard.

I speak of the war with the rebel gophers who have invaded my land and eaten my plants. Actually, to be fair, there were there first. They were a present problem when we rented this place. I was willing to work out a peace treaty with them--they could stay and eat all the weeds they wanted as long as they left my plants alone. That treaty was broken by THEM, so now it's war. So far, I've taunted only with the hose down the gopher hole (*psh! kid's stuff!)
I came out last month to find the captain gopher up on his watch rock and managed to capture this picture of him before he ran off to rally his troops:

(Just kidding. This is not my picture. I found it at plagiarism is wrong, and also, I don't think that's a gopher.)

Our defense? Protect what is truly and rightfully ours. So me and my troops (I'm the Captain because it was my idea.) put in a fence around our garden spot before planting. First we rototilled the area down deep to wreak general havoc and kill any gophers already dwelling there. Then we set to work. Gophers dig about two feet at their deepest (we read) so we put the fence (made of chicken wire) two feet into the ground, and two feet above the ground.

Take that, gophers, you're not the only ones that can dig a hole.

The Captain approves. And also the Captain is dang proud of all the work this took (real Captain work--grunt and spit work). Eat chicken wire, gophers!

Dev (the co-captain) also approves, and also wanted to take a thumbs up picture of the trench like the Captain. Good co-captains always want to be like the Captain.

General Calvin was in charge of supervision and looking cute for the picture. He hates the gophers, too.

Private Bogey won't keep his eyes open to smile for a picture. But he's in this war to win it, too.

Notice Commander and Dictator-for-life Husband in the background, briefing Dev on her next mission. He's the real brains behind this operation.

Next tactic is gopher traps (winging their way to our house as we speak! ooh, I'm giddy with excitement just thinking about it) Can't wait to drag the little furballs out of their holes. Mwahahahahahahahaha!

stay tuned for pictures of the completed garden...coming soon!


The Hatch Family said...

You are hilarious! Love seeing these pictures:)

Jeigh said...

You're so funny, and so right...plagiarism is soooo wrong! I love the picture of Bogey with his eyes closed. Also, I am enjoying the oftenness and the quality of your posts. you are awesome!

Sarahie said...

Woohoo! Yay for war against pests. My war is waged with ants, but I'm not very effective. Not nearly as effective as you. I'll have to get organized, I think.

Anyway, Love the pictures! Scary gopher, nice trench, good to see you, Dev is missing some teeth and looks great with short hair, Calvin has such a sweet face, Bogey: So big! And I love his hair too! And, finally, go husband go. It looks like he is kicking something.

Suzi Hardy said...

Dang! I missed having my picture in there by only a few weeks. I dig the trench. *get it?* Your crew couldn't ask for a better captain. Seeing all the pictures makes me miss all you all. Is that garden planted yet? Just saying...