Thursday, July 15, 2010

So yesterday I left you faithful readers (all 5 of you) in a lurch when I announced that I had an idea for a blog today. I know you've been waiting with baited breath all day. No doubt you checked my blog multiple times today in anticipation of my idea (I'm just guessing...there aren't many comments to give me a real consensus *ahem*).

So, here it is, today's blessings in picture form! Yippee! (I know you're clapping your hands and shouting in delight that the long wait was totally worth it.)

I think I'll call it Collage of Blessings or Why My Life is Good:

We were twice blessed this morning at the library. First, it's prize day for completing another week in the summer reading program.
star glasses! What's cooler than that?
(not much, friends, not much)
I'm feelin' a little starry-eyed myself

Thursday's this summer is also the day for shows at the library. Today it was a puppet show. A very good, very funny puppet show ("po-po show" as Bogey says.) We laughed until our sides were in stitches and our starry eyes were teary.

"po-po show"

side story: yesterday the Husband went out into the backyard to find a family of four squirrels happily munching our greens in our garden. (ooh! And to think I spent so much time and energy trying to repel gophers...curses. *shaking fist*) So last night we closed off the garden with the remaining fencing we had (up until now, we've had the front entryway open, just a deep trench to keep the gophers out right there.). This afternoon, I looked up just in time to see the big mama squirrel burrow under the gate and hop into the garden. I ran into the yard, yelling for the Husband, but in my haste I slipped on his sandals, so my backup was slow coming. I ran out with fistfuls of stones. Good thing I am a really poor shot, or that mama would have gotten the pummeling of a lifetime. As it was, I just scared her to death, and she ran around the garden desperately looking for the getty-out thingy so she could escape the deranged psycho lady who was hitting the fence with rocks. Moments later, the Husband came out (saying, "Someone had better have died!"
"yeah, this squirrel! Death by stoning!" I raged. To which he only laughed. He knows my aim).
And he calmly stepped into the garden and corralled the squirrel to the edge of the garden where it first got in and pushed it back under the fence with a long stick. (While I shouted in the background obscenities like, "kill it! Kill it! Hit it with a rock!" until he turned to me and said [calm as ever] "I think we've scared it enough for one day.")
SO, I digress, but it was exciting, so I thought I'd share. I took this picture right after I nearly bested the squirrel.
I am SOOO proud of my garden. I've decided that gardening is pretty much one of the best things on the planet. (And the critters think so too). isn't it pretty?
The problem with me is that I have too many projects I want to work on, and not enough time to perfect them all (give me an AMEN if you sing this same song). I want to make a new diaper bag. No, you don't understand. I dream about this bag at night. It will be the Rolls Royce of bags. It will be the epitome of all diaper bags everywhere. It will make all other bags green with envy. Every bag will wish it was a bag like the bag I am imagining. I get giddy and tingly all over just thinking about it. Enter problem #1 and problem #2: Time and money.
So today, I sluffed off the things I should have been doing, let the kids do this:

So I could play a little with these:

And when all was said and done, my house looked like this:

So I got out my handy dandy magic wand, waved it over my head and said the magic words ("ala peanut butter sandwiches!") and it worked!

miracles do happen!

Happy weekend everyone!


Sarahie said...

Ok, here we go:

I love your starry eyes. The puppet show sounds fun. The squirrel story = me litlol! Your garden is beautiful and I love it! Amen. (for the projects thing). Come visit and we can spend the whole time project working! and, please, oh please will you teach me that peanut butter trick?

I love you (and follow you faithfully)!

Jeigh said...

Yes, please pass that magic wand my way. My house gets waaaaay worse than that. Also, I'm intrigued by this diaper bag you've been tell. Also, is there any reason you need a new diaper bag? Because Bogey is getting a bit old for one, am I right. Eh? EH??
I love the squirrel story. Remind me, when you're here, to play you the "Squirrels in My Pants" song. High-larious!
Last, but not least, those star glasses rock my socks.

The Hatch Family said...

You are so funny about the squirell! Ha ha! I'm the same way towards the stupid tomato hornworms I'm dealing with. Oh yea, and I'll take that magic wand, too:)