Friday, January 7, 2011

We had a very happy christmas and a somewhat slow and quiet New Year, but I am happy to get to my blog again.
I'm a big New Year's resolution person. So big, in fact, that I have a meeting with myself on my birthday (shortly after the new year), to re-examine my goals and how I am doing. I also feel a need to "clear the mental clutter" around September when there are school supplies in the stores. Something about a fresh new notebook makes me want to make new goals and resolutions. So, for me, the term "new year" can apply to several different times throughout the year. My birthday is the start of a new school year, and so is the start of a new school year, even though I homeschool.
SO anyway, it's the start of a new year! Happy 2011! (I don't think I've written the date correctly yet) My brain is itching with new ideas to try out. A big part of me is relieved that Christmas is over and I can resume life as I know it. Christmas knocks everything else out of the way, doesn't it? How rude. I'm happy to get back to my life.
One of my new year's resolutions is to write more. I used to write all the time. Majored in it in college, even, and taught it for awhile. When I had kids, all of that kind of fell by the way side, but in a good way. The writing-in-the-gutter problem helped me to discover other things about myself that I like; like gardening, teaching, sewing, cooking, repurposing. I feel a better, more interesting, fuller person since those college days when I felt that the only real skill I had was writing. But lately my fingers have been itching to click away on the keyboard again. I have stories that are banging about my brain that want out.
my first new year's resolution is to write more. Hopefully, you who choose to stop by my blog every so often will benefit from my words, but I think it will mostly be a vent for me. That's more important anyway, if I remember right from my teaching days--write for you before you write for others, right? right.
I have other resolutions--losing some weight was at the top of the list, but I think I'm going to replace it with just being more healthy.
I have some great ideas for homeschooling that I'm pretty excited about, so those are on the list, too.
I may post a tutorial or a giveaway, but let's not get too excited, hmmm? *deep breaths* one bite at a time, you eat the elephant one bit at a time.
But I'm glad that my life is back to normal.
I'll take you out with a few christmas/ birthday pictures
*strumming guitar and adjusting mic*
uh, one, uh, two, uh, one, two, three, four...

check out the wicked cool cake I made for Calvin's birthday


Christmas Eve

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The Hatch Family said...

Love you, Erin. I'm trying to get started with some type of homeschool routine. It's a little hard, but I'm trying. Printed a freebie off confessions of a homeschooler to work on today with my men.