Thursday, January 8, 2015

Of crawling and resolutions

I'm not sure how to post pics of new little Goob.  The Hubby loves to dink around on his computer, and he recently changed things around to the point that I can't drive it anymore.  The other day, it took me a full ten minutes of hard staring just to figure out how to turn the thing off.  (So either I am that dumb, or it is that complicated.)  I don't know where all my pics went....soooo....sorry.  You don't get to see Goob yet.  (just go back to my earlier posts of The Jelly Bean when he was a baby.  Goob looks a lot like that.)

Goob started crawling on New Year's day.  I remember specifically that that was the day because after a raucous night of our Back to the Future marathon (they travel to the year 2015! It should have been required watching for all people everywhere!)  I stumbled sleepily down the stairs new years morning with Goob in hand to watch cartoons with the kids.  I let the Hubby linger in dream land because he wasn't feeling well (and also because I MADE him take Goob every morning of his Christmas break so I could sleep in--but it's not a sore spot or anything.) For the past week, Goob's been so close to crawling.  SO. Close!  He gets up on his hands and knees, and then chickens out and falls back.  So I set him on the floor and was feeding him little cheerios like a trained monkey when suddenly, it happened!  Goob saw Bogey's breakfast plate on the ground across the way and decided that he MUST have it! He got up and crawled five paces before falling half on top of the plate and licking up the remaining toast crumbs thereon.  I was so proud!  I was so proud that five minutes later when the Hubby sauntered down the stairs, I told him all about it as I was handing Goob over.  Then I went and took a nap.  It was THAT amazing.

The kids and I started back to school again today.  We've had a break since after Halloween, which has been nice, but I'm glad to get back into a routine.  Vacations are nice--Getting back to life is nicer.  Don't get me wrong--I love to lay around for days on end in my pajamas.  But after so long, I start to wish that I was, you know, doing something.

'Tis the season for resolutions.  I am big on resolutions.  Actually, what I think I'm big on is fresh starts.  I love me a fresh start.  And the new year is the perfect time for that.  This year is a little different for me, though.  I am keenly aware this time that I have made many a resolution that has only fallen by the wayside and added to the list of broken hopes and desolate dreams (or something much more dramatic.)  I don't want to keep doing that.  It's not cool to make promises to yourself that you don't keep.  I wouldn't do that to a boss, or a friend.  Why do I get away with doing it to myself?  I want my goals to be feasable.  But I also want them to push me to be better.  (There are SO many ways that I could be better!)   I'm not going to tell you here what they are.  (you're going to have to use your imagination)  Because I don't have them all figured out yet.  But I can tell you what I'm NOT going to resolve to change this year:
1)  I will not resolve to lost any weight! how cliche is that?  did you know that by February, the once packed gyms are now desolate again?  That's only 4 weeks after the new year!  4 weeks!  in fact, 4 weeks is about the average length of time a resolution is kept.  I want to be one of the few...the proud...who keep my promises.  And I KNOW that I am not in any frame of mind to be droppin' pounds.  (I'm still eatin' on my christmas candy.)
2)I will not resolve to be more organized!  Although, I think this is something that could help me out.  And it is something I want to work on this year, I don't know that with Goober being so little and the other kids doing so much that adding organization will benefit my life.  It sounds like an evil plot to get me to drag a bunch of junk out into the middle of my living room, sort it into piles one day and then leave it for month or two until I put it all back.  I don't need that kind of stress.

That's all I can think of.  I'm sure there are more.  like, I resolve not to buy any black leather mini skirts.  or, I resolve not to drink worm smoothies.  or, I resolve not to watch any WWW.  But those are illogical and silly.

Here's to 2015--I think it's going to be a great year!

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