Thursday, May 17, 2012

The big tree felling of 2012

 Check out my new garden space.  What do you notice?  Yes, smaller than the last garden space, but still a fairly nice space.  (tangent:  see the fence we put up?  I am very proud of that fence.  It's purpose is to keep out the bunnies in our yard.  At first, there were two [bunnies, not fences] there are two big ones, and four little baby ones. They're multiplying like. . . . .nevermind)  Yes, the fence is nice, but I want you to notice that little tree growing in the middle of my garden.  The nerve of that tree!  To grow where it's not wanted!  *tsk! tsk!*  this won't do.

The Hubby and I have been trying to clear out a time to fell this tree together.  (aka.  I'll hold the tools he's not using while he works.) But weeks are passing.  The garden needs to be planted.  So today I decided to man up and take care of it myself while he was at work.  

 The first few chops. 

All we have is a super dull ax.  But, it workedbetter than my teeth, so I gave it a go.  I found it useful (here's a tip for all you future lumber jacks) to swing and hit the tree at an angle, instead of straight on.  And 20 minutes work with a dull ax brought about this result:

 Don't look at the adorable kid in the foreground.  Look at me, the super buff mamma who is standing on the tree she just felled all by herself.
 Bogey wanted to show his buffness, too.  "Look, mamma! I'm supo' stwong!"

And Dev is not to be outdone by any stinkin' little brother.  She's strong, too.

There! *wiping dust off of hands* Now I can plant my garden!


Luanne Hardy said...

I love that picture of you! It makes me miss you like crazy.

Way to be awesome, though!

Suzi Hardy said...

ooooha I remember when we first moved into our house and found that the two pine trees had been planted right by the fence on each end of the garden spot. I felled them fast and hard! and have had nary the least of second thoughts. I love my garden and I love your garden too.