Sunday, May 20, 2012

My boys

 I never imagined myself with a houseful of boys.  When I was little enough to play "mommy" I always imagined myself with three little girls.   Maybe that's because most dolls are girls.  Maybe it's because I've always found boys and everything they're into slightly mysterious.  It doesn't matter.  God wants me to delve into the mysterious realm of all things boy, because he sent me three.   Dev and I are outnumbered.  Big time.  I'm not going to lie: sometimes we lock ourselves in the bathroom just so that we can get the curling iron out and experiment with our hair without someone coming to use it as some sort of weapon.    And last week when all the boys went on the father/son outing, Dev and I dove into a blissful girls night, complete with a romantic movie, popcorn, manicures, and experimental hair do's.

But most of the time, I am very ok with the chaos ALL these boys bring into my life.  They are energetic.  They are happy.  They are bright.   They are fun.  And they love their mommy.  They are still young enough to call me mommy. 

especially enamored with this little roly poly lately

Calvin and the Jelly Bean

 They bring sticks into the house.  They dig in the dirt for bugs.  They use my nice towels to clean up their mud pie mess, and my good sheets to build forts. They eat more than I made (and they are expert toast makers).  They hate bath time (until they get in--then it's diving practice).  They use random things for guns.  They build starships with legos and try to use the force on me ("you will let me have another cookie").  They named our mulberry bush "Bob" (and the berries on it "George")

on the hunt

 They make me happy.  They make me laugh, and I can't imagine how empty my life would be without them.

this picture makes me laugh every time I see it

  I love my boys!


Murray Clan said...

HAHAHA!! So True in every way, boys are mysteriously great!

Who knows what he will say next said...

I saw the first picture of the littlest mister and got emotional I am not going to lie. Wish I could squeeze him, missing all of you so much. I am so thankful to have this blog to see what you are up to but sometimes it is hard to see because I miss you so much :( we love those cute grant boys :) :)

Luanne Hardy said...

I love your boys too. They are all so cute. I want to have a house full of boys. I've never had a brother so I thought it would be fun to have sons instead!

Sarahie said...

Oh my gosh, Iggy is so adorable! Ok. They all are. I love your boys too. So much. And I miss you and them.

This was sweet. Come see me! =)

Suzi Hardy said...

Wowzer! They are all growing so fast. I loved the pictures and it made me miss them soooooooo much. (and you too!) Everything about this blog was so great. You have beautiful boys and a beautiful daughter as well.