Thursday, May 31, 2012

Creating Sarah's digital scrapbooking giveaway!

I have to admit, I HATE scrapbooking! For years, I have tortured myself at scrapping parties, watching all the other ladies put pages together in a binder, and I have sat there thinking, "I wish I could scrapbook digitally." I mean, after all, I have a digital camera, but paper scrapbooking would require me to take my jump drive down to the store to print out my pictures.  I am an avid journal keeper  (I keep it on my computer) and have thought so many times how in a perfect world, I would add pictures to go along with the stories I am telling.  Enter Creating Sarah.  Sarah is a crafting genius.  She also happens to be my sister, which I'm sure has nothing to do with the genius that she is.  (But, because I know her so well, I can testify that she is legit [too legit to quit]). 
Sarah is having a digital scrapbooking giveaway on her blog!  Some lucky ducky will walk away with free digital scrapbooking software just for leaving a comment!  I have been pretty promotional lately (this is in no way related to EMotional =), but if there was only one blog or giveaway that I could promote this year, this would be it!
 I would LOVE to have the digital scrapbooking kits or the photo book. It would be awesome to finally be able to incorporate some life into my journals! So, I'm in! I hope I win!
If you want a chance to win, too, go here to Sarah's blog, leave a comment (and read about all the other ways you can get an extra entry.)  And, check out Sarah's blog from time to time.  I think I have already mentioned that she is a genius, she will make your life infinitely more crafty.  Good luck!

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